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How Many Christmas songs are there, really?

So, since Thanksgiving we have had the kitchen radio set to the local soft rock station because they play all Christmas music-all the time from Thanksgiving to New years day … and sure, I like me some Christmas cheer and Mel is insane for it.

Here’s the thing, in any given day I’m pretty sure there are only like thirty actual, individual Christmas songs. I counted at least five different versions of  “Sleigh Ride” in two hours!  Did people stop writing Christmas songs since 1960? Are John Lennon and Randy “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” Brooks the last men to take a stand and put forth something new for the holidays?

How many versions of “Winter Wonderland” can one man stand? And is there ANY reason for there to be ANY other version of “White Christmas” other than Bing’s? No offense Elvis, but c’mon.



i’ve been attending Community College for over two years, and starting in January I’ll be transferring to Bowling Green State University. BGSU is a pretty good sized college, much bigger than the farm school I attend now (meee-ow, I know. Owens is actually quite a nice school. GO EXPRESS!!) and yesterday I had my first meeting with an BGSU advisor.  Now, in the past I haven’t really ventured on to the BGSU campus other than to play at or drink in (or a bit of both) the local bars.

Before I go on– I should digress–by it’s nature Community College is a hodgepodge of humanity. In any given class you get yahoo’s like me, the 40 something year old dudes (generally ex-musicians, bored dads, work displaced autoworkers ect), sitting next to a kindly li’l ol’ gramma who’s decided to “Get back in the game of life”. Next to her you generally find a cadre of three or four girls, usually recent high school and usually all tic-tacking away on their iPhone FaceBook app. Behind them is the retired fireman, the hillbilly looking to learn how to use this crazy new-fangled computer…you get the point…

I wonder how i will fare… stay tuned.



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